Straw Dogs: 4. The Unsaved

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Well, here we go again. Another chapter that opens up lots of issues and closes them with Zarathustrian determination. Whoever has ears, let them hear. And the funny thing, I have to admit, is that I am liking the book and it is influencing me. It has I kind of hypnotic power of seduction.

It goes on talking about the stupid ideas that Christianity brought to the world. The hope of salvation of the human race through God that has been transformed into the yearning for human happiness that XIXth and XXth century political utopias failed to deliver. He says somewhere that politics has lost its interest even as entertainment, which is brilliant. And after that, science and technology have replaced politics as the salvation machines that we need. Some reviewing of Federov ideas and how they were put in practice. Which makes me think that Nazism, Stalinism and Uncle Tse Tung may be out of vogue (by now) as a political options, but they’ll never lose their entertainment value.

Another idea that Christianity put into our brains (following Saint Gray words) is the worship of the Truth. There is only one Truth and is a moral obligation of every human being to know it, to propagate it, to annoy everybody with it, to fight for it and, best of all, ladies and gentlemen, to die defending it. And this idea has been inherited by the secular religions that have replaced God. It even portraits Atheism as:

(…) a late bloom of a Christian passion for truth. (p. 127)

and that is a perfect formulation that a feeling that I always have when listening to atheists, the seem always to be like fanatic preachers of some no-God or I don’t know exactly what. Mr Dawkins, I am thinking of you.

I got lost, however, when he talks about Nihilism,

Nihilism is the idea that human life must be redeemed from meaninglessness. (p. 128)

I really thought that nihilism was a good label for the kind of thought that seems to emanate from this book. But now it appears not to be the case. Little confused.


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