Straw Dogs by John Gray

To replace the early and unfortunate disappearance of Diamond’s book from our lives, from next week we will be reading a new book:

Straw Dogs: Thoughts on Humans and Other Animals by John Gray.


This author was presented by Nassim Taleb in chapter 17 of Antifragile as:

Finally, John Gray, the contemporary political philosopher and essayist who stands against human hubris and has been fighting the prevailing ideas that the Enlightenment is a panacea -treating a certain category of thinkers as Enlightenment fundamentalists. (p. 258)

On our Blog’s comment to that chapter I wrote:

Taleb cites also some contemporary anti Enlightenment writers and ideas and I have take note of John Gray to read some of his books.

So here we are.

You can find a schedule of chapters in our Reading Calendar.

2 thoughts on “Straw Dogs by John Gray

  1. I wouldn’t chraracterise Gray as an “anti Enlightenment writer”, I reckon he is not even against the idea of progress an sich, I’d say he is against the widespread myth that progress in science and technology (arguably evident) goes hand in hand with progress in ethics and politics (not that evident considering the reemergence of torture in the Western world, for instance).

  2. Hi Ariel, welcome.
    Yes, that is also the impression I have from him after reading the first chapter of the book, although everything is expressed in a very particular way. Let’s comment on that next week after everyone has read the chapter.

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