The World Until Yesterday – We have a new book to read.

Well, El Pla Subtil has been quite quiet lately. We ended our reading of Antifragile on November the 7th and since then we have been mostly absent.

On December (this is six months ago) we had a talk about the future of our Blog and both expressed our satisfaction with the book reading experience and decided that it was worth continuing. We independently concluded that reading a book that both of us had already previously read was damaging the intensity of our involvement and so we wanted to try a new book not read before by any of us. Of course it has its risks because it may turn up to be bad one. But no risk, no gain.

Our full agreement until this point ended when we had to choose a title. Finally the chosen one was:

The World Until Yesterday: What Can We Learn from Traditional Societies? by Jared Diamond.


A conservative option, we have to admit. This is the problem of consensus. You end up in middle land. You avoid the extremely bad but you miss the extremely good.

Unfortunately, at that time we had to postpone the reading of the book because of family reasons. Now it’s time to retake the project. Please take a look at our Reading Calendar to see the schedule of chapters and feel free to join us.


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