The Top 100 Scientific Papers

A very interesting article -with online demo, video and everything- on what are the 100 most cited papers. It’s not really surprising that most of them are techniques used over and over to make new experiments.

The image used is very compelling: If we just print the first page of every article published and indexed in the web of science, we’ll get a paper tower as tall as the Kilimanjaro. The top 100 papers will make just a tine 1 cm at the top but, and here is where things don’t look that good, papers with more than 10 citations can be found between 4500 and 5500 meters; Between 1500 and 4500 meters we found papers than have been quoted in between 1 an 9 times.

From 2500 to 0 we have papers… that have never been quoted.

Makes you think, huh?



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