Antifragile: 25. Conclusion / Epilogue

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Well, we have reached the end of the book which came a little as a surprise since the length of the bibliography and notes sections creates the feeling of being in the middle of the book when one is really almost at the end. The notes, by the way, doesn’t have page references to the main text which makes really a hell to follow them. Probably it is part of Taleb’s plan to increase the attention of readers by making things purposely more difficult.

These two short final sections, Conclusion and Epilogue, contain a final message of what Taleb considers the core message of the book and a mysterious ending about Fat Toni’s will. What are the 20 millions for? In my opinion is the f**k money that will allow Nero to achieve the final freedom of thought. But probably we will be out of doubts next book.

Surprisingly, in this second reading of the book Taleb has irritated me very often with his rude and despising attitude, gratuitous jokes, name dropping (yes, it is incredible but there is a lot of it) etc. Also, I think that he goes a step too far when trying to build a comprehensive theory of the universe based in his idea of antifragility. And why is this so? The reason is very simple. In my first reading, all objections to the book were eclipsed by the depth of the message and the intelligence of the insights. However, and this is probably the highest praise that a book can receive, the central ideas of the book have got so ingrained into my mind, they are now such a intimate part of my vision of the world, that they are now obvious to me and became transparent. And so, I could perceive the ugliness in Taleb’s style.

But to understand, enjoy and repeat Taleb’s ideas is the easy part. The real challenge is to practice Antifragility.


2 thoughts on “Antifragile: 25. Conclusion / Epilogue

  1. It’s been a great journey, indeed, re-reading this incredible book, and think back again to all the stuff described and discussed there.
    And yes, you are very right. Now the difficult part is to practice antifragility: to live the antifragile life.

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