Learn any language in record time and never forget it

Non standard ways of learning is one of our favorite subjects here, and specially how to learn a new language. He have already commented (in Spanish) some posts from Tim Ferris’ blog The Four Hour Work Week about this subject, but this one brings something new. We already have discussed about linking words to experiences, about using flash cards, and so on, but this guy seem to have really designed a system with lots of detail, no just giving general directions like find the most used word and get some flashcards.
Check it out for yourself!

His book is going to be published in august. Probably I’ll get a copy


One thought on “Learn any language in record time and never forget it

  1. Thank you David for this post full of references. I have spent already some hours on it following the leads and there is much more on it.
    This is a hot issue, not only for practical reasons, but also as an example of how a centuries old way of doing things (learning languages) can be rebuilt from scratch thanks to the opportunities that people find in new technologies.

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