Antifragile Chapter 8. Prediction as a child of modernity

Our reading calendar brought us today to chapter 8.
This brief chapter prepares the terrain for the next book, and it is a sort of corollary from The Black Swan. There Taleb convinced us of the final impossibility of being able to predict the future, and how we fool ourselves when we try so.
In this chapter Taleb present us with the general strategy to substitute prediction. Checking for fragility or antifragility. The general heuristics is very elegant: instead of trying to predict what the future will bring and try to adapt to it -which is nonsense, due to the existence of black swans- what we have to do is to surround us with antifragile stuff so, no matter what bad shocks the future may bring, we have resources that precisely get stronger under stressors.
This chapter was very illuminating for me to understand the main intention of the book. Antifragility is not a mere theoretical category to revolutionize biology, nor a gadget for better investing, but a general heuristics to improve our lives.
The way I see it, then, it is not that important whether antifragile is a sound theoretical device, what counts is its metaphorical capacity to let us view the world from a completely different point of view.
Every time I read this chapter and the following ones I dream of writing a blog, or even a book, developing those ideas of antifragility as an heuristic for better living.
Maybe one day I would…


2 thoughts on “Antifragile Chapter 8. Prediction as a child of modernity

  1. That’s it. This is the central idea of this book: don’t predict the future (you can’t), just organize yourself so that you increase the probabilities of survival in case of disaster. And, as a bonus, you can even thrive in such circumstances.

    To write a book or a blog about live is what we the nerds know how to do. The really difficult thing is living. Action is the challenge and there are people out there who haven’t read a book in its entire live who just act Antifragility.

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