Gangnam Style Productivity

The Economist has a chart explaining the opportunity costs of the Gangnam Style phenomenon. According to it, if all the time that people have spent watching the YouTube video had been used for productive activities, the world could have built four great pyramids, 20 Empire State Buildings or one and a half wikipedia.


And you know what did I after reading these shocking news? You guessed it. I watched the Gangnam Style video twice. Once the original video Clip and once the Summer Stand Live Concert’s version.

Four Great Pyramids…


3 thoughts on “Gangnam Style Productivity

  1. whop whop whop whop. Oppa’s Gangnam Style
    The paper is fun to read but a fantastic fallacy. They seem to forget that 1) watching Gangnam Style is effortless 2) You don’t need any special skills to do that and 3) Its fun. You certainly can not say that of building the great pyramid or making an entry for Wikipedia.
    I wonder how many pyramids could be built by all the people that read The Economist every week…

    • Sure. And it is even worse because people tend to watch youTube stuff when they feel tired and not ready for hard work. However, reading “The Economist” is something that you do well fresh in the morning, when you are most productive, because is soooo important to be up to date to latest financial news.
      Probably this graph is among the worse pieces from the Economist ever.

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