Why do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism

Very interesting text by philosopher Robert Nozick.  The main thesis is that intellectuals despise capitalism because they believe they are the most brilliant people in the planet and yet, don’t get as much recognition, prestige or value as they think they deserve.

And why do they think that? According to Nozick, it’s because of schools. Schools are the only place in which intellectuals are the people most valued, so in schools intellectuals form other intellectuals teaching them that they should be the most valued people in society.

The full text here.


2 thoughts on “Why do Intellectuals Oppose Capitalism

  1. This is a very interesting test full of brilliant moments, e.g.

    The intellectual wants the whole society to be a school writ large, to be like the environment where he did so well and was so well appreciated.

    We have already talked in this blog about how the school teaches abilities that are completely inappropriate for the real word and have to be unlearned sooner or later:


    However, the harm that school can do in people goes much deeper.

    In school you learn in a massive and reiterate way:

    1. There are a set of rules that are EXPLICITLY stated.
    2. You have to follow the rules
    3. You will be objectively judged and rewarded accordingly to your obedience to the rules.

    This is the basic thing that children learn in school. This is the basic and fundamental message of school. And this is massive and monstrous bullshit. The world has never ever worked like this.

    In the real world, rules are hidden, implicit and finding and understanding them is the most difficult and crucial point in your fight for social survival. Once you understand the rules of the game, more often than not you have to break them or to halve break them, or the pretend that you follow them without following them or even, sometimes to follow them. And when you have to do any of those things is an art hard to learn.

    And finally, in life there is not such a thing as objectively. Most of what you get in live, good or bad, will come from random mysterious events that no one can predict. And the important thing is to learn to cope with that randomness and not to sit down crying and complaining about the unfairness of this world.

  2. Agreed completely!
    Following the ideas of the text another thing that schools do is to create a virtual reality in which the most valued things are not related to the important things in real life. So it is not only that rules and roles are taught explicitly: those roles and rules are in a Big deal useless in real life!

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