Reverse-Engineering of Human Brain?

Ray Kurzweil, I don’t know after how many drinks, declares that

Reverse-engineering the human brain so we can simulate it using computers may be only a decade away

you can read the whole story. There we can find the following statement from which I have not yet fully recovered:

Sejnowski says he agrees with Kurzweil’s assessment that about a million lines of code may be enough to simulate the human brain.

Here’s how that math works, Kurzweil explains: The design of the brain is in the genome. The human genome has three billion base pairs or six billion bits, which is about 800 million bytes before compression, he says. Eliminating redundancies and applying loss-less compression, that information can be compressed into about 50 million bytes, according to Kurzweil.

About half of that is the brain, which comes down to 25 million bytes, or a million lines of code.

Fortunately, I have not to sit down and begin to write why this is nonsense because someone did already it for me.


One thought on “Reverse-Engineering of Human Brain?

  1. Yes, a very good analysis of all the BS that Ray Kurzweil likes to throw us from time to time. I like how the author of the blog PZ Myers defines Kurzweil as “another Deepak Chopra for the computer science cognoscenti”

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