Bach revisited

It is with emotion and reverence that I remember the discovery of Gödel, Escher, Bach (thank you David) a long time ago. A mind opening, fascinating and entertaining masterpiece about the mind, the conscience and a thousand other things.

I recently recommended it to a friend of mine (Werner) while we were sitting in a bar watching a soccer game on TV. The noise was so high that I had to shout the title of the book several times to be understood. I don’t fully understand how you can end up talking about Gödel’s theorem in such a place but sure you know by now that the Lord works in mysterious ways.

Anyway, Werner began reading it and sent me back a lot of links to those image annotated Bach pieces that you can find in Youtube. And I have to admit that they can help to improve the experience of reading the book.

When I read it (it was the early nineties) I had no Internet access and practically no way of listening to all the musical references that Hofstadter offered. Moreover, my limited musical skills didn’t allow me to follow most of the intricacies of Bach’s music even if it were available. This kind of visual approach makes everything easier and provides a gateway to the musically ungifted of the world to grasp the genius of JSB.


3 thoughts on “Bach revisited

  1. Great Book GEB!!!
    And so is Bach. I remenber some months ago, early morning, waiting for the training to arrive. The train Finally came and people start to get out. Then this guy exits, and he was singing “Zion hort the wachters singen” from Bach’s cantata “Wake up sleepers” and suddenly the dark sleepy day turned into a bright one
    Here’s the song:,

  2. Ooops! Actually I wanted to post the version by Nikolaus Harnoncourt. Here it is. It’s much better, with a tenor singing instead of a choir, and with instruments from Bach’s time.

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