Reading Antifragile

We are nearing the last chapters of The Checklist Manifiesto in our Reading Calendar and we have to plan for next readings.

We are enjoying a lot reading again TCM. It is a mind changing masterpiece. The only question of using such a book in a collective reading experiment is that

a. There is no discussion in the interpretation because everything it says is so clear and well explained that everybody understands it.

b. There is no discussion about the value of it because it is so powerful and convincing that we all agree and surrender to it.

So, next book is not going to be like that.

We are going to re-read Antifragile, beginning on May the 15th. After all it was its publication that inspired us to create this blog. You can find the detailed timeline in the Reading Calendar, as usual.


3 thoughts on “Reading Antifragile

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