Rebuilding technology from scratch

I haven’t read it,but The Knowlege, how to rebuild our world from scratch sounds very intriguing to me.
From the Amazon website:

How would you go about rebuilding a technological society from scratch?

If our technological society collapsed tomorrow, perhaps from a viral pandemic or catastrophic asteroid impact, what would be the one book you would want to press into the hands of the postapocalyptic survivors? What crucial knowledge would they need to survive in the immediate aftermath and to rebuild civilization as quickly as possible—a guide for rebooting the world?


2 thoughts on “Rebuilding technology from scratch

  1. Remember to buy the paper version and not the e-book. Just in case you really needed it :).

    The idea seems ambitious and fascinating. This is a question I have talked about several times in drink-mediated conversations with friends. Would we humans be able to reconstruct our current civilization? or maybe our knowledge is so fragmented and specialized that we could do nothing if we have to begin from scratch.
    Where the hell do I find iron? How I recognize it? How can I convert it in a hammer?
    I just wonder if the book is up to its promises.

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