Solar time – Official time


I have been arguing for years that Poland should change the official time and adopt the one that they have in Greece or Finland instead of keeping the same time than in Barcelona.

No need to say that everybody looks at me as I were crazy and I even seriously doubt whether someone has understood what I mean. These are the problems of speaking a foreign language beyond the “how do you do?” “My name is Carlos” level.

Anyway, when you have an overextended time region, on the edges of it the solar time and the official time begin to diverge. But not all edges are created equal. In the western side of the zone (Spain) sunrise and sunset come later and this is bearable and even pleasant. However, in the eastern side of the time zone (Poland) you have the opposite effect and then you get beautiful dawns at 3:30 a.m. in summer and even more beautiful sunsets at 3:30 p.m. in winter.

That is exactly what this map shows all around the world.

If you happen to live in a red zone, congratulations! If you are in a green one, your live could be better.


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