Did I really like those Spaghetti?

The time when I have felt closer to being God was a sunny day in Siracuse (Sicily), sitting in a humble restaurant in front of the sea with my family and eating a plate of spaghetti a la siracusana which I have since then considered the most sublime expression of culinary exquisiteness.

Did I like that restaurant? Sure. Would I recommend it? With tears in my eyes!

Now Tyler Cowen presents us a paper where they find so strong correlations between restaurant reviews on line and the weather on the day of the meal that one should consider

first, if restaurant reviews are useful at all and

and second,

maybe it was the Sicily sun and the Mediterranean sea and also probably the ghosts of those long dead viewers that I had summoned a while ago while sitting in the Greek theater what made me feel like a God on that day.

But, believe me, the spaghetti helped!


One thought on “Did I really like those Spaghetti?

  1. I’m sure the weather helped, but I’ve eaten really bad pasta in a sunny day and I’ll never forget a pasta a la Norma I ate in Sicilly in a boring, grey day.
    I’d say that you could enter in a restaurant in Sicilly at random, follow the reccomendation of the waiter, and have a fantastic lunch or dinner.

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