Massive Open Online Courses

A deep revolution in education is in progress in the form of high quality free online courses. I have tried a couple of them in Coursera, and have been astonished at the quality of the teaching there.

There are a lot of important issues at stake. First, most teachers, at least the kind of teacher that just stands up and talks in front of a blackboard, simply disappear. You just need a bunch of them, the best ones, to create online courses that can be followed by millions.

On the other side, the whole model of high education collapses. You don’t need to go to a expensive and prestigious university for five years of your live, since you can have access to the best information from home and throughout your whole professional live.

It is true that top universities provide students with much more than formation (in fact I doubt that they provide formation at all). They provide networking, human experience of how interact with elites and a label of having been there that opens thousands of doors.

Here is a list of open online course providers. Choose your passion and enjoy it.


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