The Checklist Manifiesto – Reading Calendar

Let’s begin our first experiment in synchronized reading. The chosen book by popular acclamation has been The Checklist Manifiesto by Atul Gawande

We are going to set a calendar that extremely slow so that no one gets stressed by it and also that we can go into more detail in the comments of it. After this first experience we will see if the model is useful to us are changes have to be made.

We will set a date for each reading unit. At that time, either David or me, we are going to publish a post commenting the reading and we will use the comments of the that post as the discussing board for it.

Proposed calendar:

2014/03/06      Introduction

2014/03/13      1. The problem of extreme complexity

2014/03/20      2. The checklist

2014/03/27      3. The end of the master builder

2014/04/03      4. The idea

2014/04/10      5. The first try

2014/04/17      6. The checklist factory

2014/04/24      7. The test

2014/05/01      8. The hero in the age of checklists

2014/05/08      9. The save


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